Activate 2K15 Conference: I Am Building My Empire

Activate 2K15 ConferenceIn just two weeks, I am headed to Atlanta to attend the Activate 2K15 Conference hosted by the Chief Activator, Lucinda Cross. I was heading back from Dallas, TX after attending MegaFest and received an inbox message asking if I could make it to the Conference because a ticket was being gifted to me. Why? I didn’t ask any details because I know what I have been praying for. So my response was YEEEESSSS! I booked my flight and reserved my hotel room and I am headed to Atlanta with great expectations.

The Activate Conference is a 3-day conference that provides attendees with groundbreaking information in the areas of leadership, branding, media, spirituality and leadership. I firmly believe that you have to surround yourself with people that can push you to your next level; people that are where you desire to be. I am ready to Activate!!!!  Visit to check out the amazing line up of speakers and panelists then register!  I hope to see you in Atlanta.

Lucinda Cross is a best-selling author, internationally known speaker, spokesperson and energetic teacher of personal and professional development. In 2006, she started the brand Activate Your Life Today! a leadership services firm that specializes in the delivery of personal and professional development enrichment programs.