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hat is a head covering. It can be worn for protection against the elements, for ceremonial reason, religious reasons, for safety, or as a fashion accessory.  In the past, hats were an indicator of social status.  In the military, they may denote nationality, branch of service, rank and/or regiment.

I remember growing up and my mother wearing hats to church.  I always told myself “I will never wear hats like my mother.”   My mother was serious about her hats.  Each hat had its own hat box, suit that it was designated to be worn with and she knew if one of her hats were missing or had been moved.  Her love for hats even led to her opening and operating her own hat store.  She was known for hats and those that wanted a hat knew she would have what they desired.

I also paid close attention to how she took care of her hats.  Inside each hats’ box there was paper that could be used to stuff in to the hat so that it wouldn’t lose its shape until the next time it was worn.  In the hat store, there were hat stands and mannequin heads used for this same purpose.  But extra care had to be given to those hats in order to prevent dust from accumulating and the color fading.  They were frequently rotated in and out of the front window and on and off the floor.

From watching my mother in business, I learned a lot about hats.  I learned that hats are seasonal, you can’t wear every hat during every season.  There are summer hats, winter hats, fall and spring hats.  The materials change and even colors but the intent or purpose is typically the same.  And the condition of a hat is determined by how it is cared for.

Often times, in our lives we wear hats, some by choice and others out of necessity in order to ensure that things are covered.  I myself wear quite a few hats, mother, provider, teacher, nurse, cook, employee, business owner, housekeeper and more.  Most of the hats that I/we wear are not seasonal but at times we have to find a way to take them off, allowing time for reshaping and regrouping.

There are some hats that I would have never stopped wearing if the wind hadn’t gotten up under them and blew them off.  But it was necessary so that I could maintain the condition of the other hats.  It was also necessary because I had held on to them and continued to wear them beyond their season.

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