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Wellness Wednesdays will be a new weekly addition.  Wellness Wednesdays will focus on various mental health issues, healthy ways to deal with stress, change and transitions and also where to seek help or advice if you suffer from a mental illness. Going into the New Year, we don’t want to just appear to be mentally and physically healthy but we should desire to live a healthy life daily.

We have witnessed some recent tragedies in the news.  One thing that was common amongst all the incidents was that there were prior indications that something was wrong.  We have to make sure that we are present and not just in our own lives but also in the lives of our loved ones.  It is okay to slow down, take a break and regroup.  It is also okay to seek professional help if needed.  And it is definitely okay to discuss your concerns of a loved one’s well-being with them.  If you notice something out of the ordinary, ask questions and give support, don’t shut them out.

I often discuss the topics no one wants to talk about, suicide, domestic violence, etc.  I chose Wellness Wednesday because one of my favorite parables in the Bible is the Woman at the Well.  She went to the well seeking more of something; she had reached her end.  When you look at her water bucket as a symbol of her life, she was empty.  She was in search of something and had been for quite a while.  Her bucket had been filled with men but she still was incomplete and empty until that day while on her journey Jesus met her at the well.  So when you visit and read these post, I want you to leave with something that is spiritually uplifting, physically uplifting and mentally renewing.  I also want to make sure that the Wellness Wednesday’s posts are easy to find and are informative.  It will be added to the navigation bar and each time a new topic is discussed it will be made available in the drop down.  I would also like my readers to get involved.  You can write about ways in which you cope, a mental illness you’ve witnessed or have lived with.  Leave your post in the comments so that we can link up.

As previously mentioned, Mother 2 Mother is partnering with Touching Heart for the Inaugural Community and Family Health Fair on May 18, 2013.  The goal of the health fair is to provide information about community resources and services available.  The health of our communities is dependent on the health of our families and each individual that makes up the family.  In 2013, my goal is to start a yoga class.  Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and get into shape.

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