Wellness Wednesday: Choose You

Vallejo Times Herald photo“As you become more successful and further down the road of purpose, more opportunities will come your way. It doesn’t get easier to decide between each one but the wisdom gained along the way makes it easier to know which one(s) are best for YOU.  Choose you” ~ Rhachelle Nicol’


Balance: Disconnecting To Reconnect

phone_off_hook_arsNote: This post is sponsored by MMG for the Colgate Total Campaign. All opinions are my own.

This past weekend I made an executive decision to disconnect.  I didn’t answer my phone all weekend and it felt so good.  I realized that after working a full time job Monday – Friday, I need time to unwind, reflect, replenish and just relax.  I had gotten so accustomed to just being available that I was not available to myself, my children or projects.  It definitely had an impact on my focus.  Well disconnecting definitely won’t be a one time thing, I am taking back the reigns over my weekends. I am going to make it a point to set out some time to just be.

Allowing myself to disconnect, I was able to reconnect with those that matter most, my children and I found myself having more energy when Monday came around.  How do you disconnect to reconnect?  Do you disconnect from social media?  Do you go on an outdoor adventure?

Here are 3 ways that you can disconnect:

-Plan a road trip: Easter weekend, my children and I hit the road and drove from NV to CA to spend time with family.  Not only did we have some quality family time but I was able to relax.  My sister was on kitchen duty the entire weekend.

-Sign out of social media: Social media has a way of pulling you in and never letting you go.  You end up vicariously living through the lives of those you are connected to and forget that you can too can make those same memories in your own special way.  If signing out is not enough, delete the apps from your phone or tablets.  You can also schedule post if you must.  I like using Hootsuite and now Facebook pages also allow for scheduling.

-Leave a message at the tone:  I chose not to answer the phone.  I didn’t record a special message or anything but I made myself unavailable.  I also noticed that since I intentionally was not answering my phone, I didn’t feel the need to have it within arm’s distance.

With Mother’s Day approaching, it would be great to take some time out and disconnect.  Enjoy your children and families there will be plenty of time to turn the noise up that surrounds us daily.   Health and wellness is a lifestyle.  What are you going to do differently?

Colgate Total Kickoff

Note: This post is sponsored by MMG for the Colgate Total Campaign. All opinions are my own.

May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month.  I always try to do my part to increase awareness, provide resources and tips to living a healthy life both mentally and physically.  I also do not limit myself to one month out of the year to share about health and wellness.  So when I was presented with an opportunity to be a Brand Ambassador for the Colgate Total Campaign, I didn’t have to think twice about it.  Today is the kick-off for the Colgate Total Campaign and the start of 6 months of writing on the topic of personal health and wellness.

Over the next 6 months, I will be sharing with you not only tips that I think you should incorporate into your journey to health and wellness but tips that I am also making an effort to make a habit in my day to day life.

Creating Balance:

I sometimes struggle with consistency in this area.  However, I am realizing that I get more done, experience less anxiety and have more energy when I have balance.  So I will be sharing some activities that I will be engaging in to create balance.

Getting Active:

So I have not technically worked out since I was in college.  I don’t have a gym membership.  I don’t take morning or evening walks.  My extent of being active is walking from my car to the front door.  In my defense, I do chase my 5 and 6 year old around quite a bit.  But I am going to consciously make an effort to get active.  I may not rush to get a gym membership but I am definitely going to start taking some evening walks.  I actually signed up for a 1k walk on May 17th.  I will let you know how that goes.

Silencing The Negative Talk:

I am typically a positive person but I am also very aware of the obstacles that I face.  I have learned to work through them and not allow anything to stop me.  But every once in a while I allow the volume of the negative talk to get turned up louder than I would like.  Over the past two days, I have been listening to some motivational podcast.  Les Brown has been my motivational speaker of choice and I plan to continue to listen to his messages.

Do we have any areas in common that need some working on? What is an area that you need to work on?  Although, May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness month, living a healthy life takes a 365 day a year commitment.  Join me on my journey.


I’m Good: Not Because Everything Is Okay

i'm good logo with slogan - printI am so happy to support one of my fellow bloggers and friends Jenee Darden (Cocoa Fly) with a new campaign she is working on I’m Good.  I’m Good is a blog campaign that encourages people to take care of their emotional and mental health, as well as their wellness. It’s also a celebration of those who are working to, or have, overcome obstacles to wellness through support from family, friends, peers, loved ones and the community.

Mental health is a topic that is not often discussed but is important to all of our health and well-being.  It is important to take out time for you.  If you or a family member has a mental health challenge, reach out for support and get access to information.  I went through one of the most traumatic experiences in my life 4 years ago.  Instead of isolating myself, I shared my story with those I was comfortable with sharing.  During that time, I also discovered that music and writing were great stress relievers/outlets for me.  I share my story often and show my scars proudly.  I wasn’t always “good” and I am not ashamed to admit that truth.

I’m Good, not because everything is okay and going the way I would like it to but because I have a support system that listens, encourages and keeps me uplifted.  I also know when I have reached my limit and who I can reach out to.  I’m Good because I am making  the best decisions for my children and I, putting our needs first.

If you would like to get involved with the I’m Good Campaign, there are plenty of ways to do so:

Write a blog post. About 500 words will do, but feel free to make it shorter or longer.

Record a video or podcast. Tell us your story or someone else’s.

Post art and photos online. Express yourself through a visual medium.

Post the I’m Good campaign badge on your website. Show your participation in the movement and inspire others to follow.

Share. Post your work and re-post others’ works on social networks. When you post on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, use the hashtag #imgood.

For more information visit the official I’m Good website

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