You Can’t Pray Here But You Can Join Us For Bible Study Afterschool

Good News Club

My children were so excited to return back to school after their long hot summer. My kindergartner and 1st grader joined their big sister at her school. Finally no more private school tuition for me. At first, they were reluctant and I could tell they were a little intimidated by the size of the school. I made sure to attend the Back 2 School night before their first day of school in order for them to meet their teachers and get familiar with their classroom. On the way to their classroom they saw some familiar faces which put them at ease. But what they really got excited about was the invitation to attend Bible Study after school on campus every Wednesday.

The Good News Club meets every Wednesday for an hour in the library. The Good News Clubs emphasizes character development such as kindness, honesty and respect for authority. We do this from a Biblical perspective because we know God can make a difference in the lives of the children and their families. During the club hour children will receive a snack, sing songs, learn a memory verse, hear a missionary story, play games and hear a Bible lesson.

My children love attending children’s church at our church so they made sure that I enrolled them in The Good News Club. I love it! I attended parochial school my entire life and I can appreciate the teachings I received both academically and spiritually.Their first day at The Good News Club they returned home quoting Isaiah 40:8 “The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.” It truly warmed my heart to hear them quote the scripture in unison. This is one club that I wish I could bring to California with me. Over the years since they removed prayer from schools our children have been faced with so much, from shootings to inappropriate student-teacher relationships. I pray over my children everyday that God covers them and guards their hearts and minds.

I wonder if it is the fine print on the front of the handout that allows them to operate. “The posting or distribution of written material does not indicate District endorsement of the materials or of the organization, group, company, agency or individuals with the materials.” Whatever allows them to operate, they definitely have my support. They are launching 50 Good News Clubs for 2014-2015 school year around the Southern Nevada.

How do you feel about after school Bible Study? Does your child’s school offer it? Would you allow them to attend if it did? Learn more online at