The Life You Want: Oprah I Had An Aha Moment

Rhachelle Nicol' and Curly Lox

If you recall, last year I had the opportunity to attend Oprah Winfrey’s The Life You Want Weekend in San Jose, CA as press. Over the course of that weekend, the attendees were challenged to find one thing that they could do daily for the next year in order to live the life they want. I thought I would tackle this challenge by intentionally waking up each day and doing something that would push me closer to my goal; sending an email, returning a call, etc. But I soon realized that my efforts were not focused enough on one area/thing in my life that I wanted to change. I was seeing results but some days I was putting forth less effort and just going through the motions.

But I soon realized that even though I wasn’t clear on my approach I was still being guided in the right direction. Last year, I made up in my mind that I was relocating back to California. I planned to live with my sister for at least a year, work, save money and build my business. Well on a larger scale that was/is my one thing that I am doing daily. Daily I am making an effort to blend 3 families (a friend of mine accepted the challenge). We are three single mothers choosing to create our own village, support each others visions and build our businesses, together. Can you imagine 3 women ages 36-40 under one roof, raising a total of 8 children? It can get crazy at times but we always remember our “why?”

We attend church together, prepare meals together and we push one another to go after our dreams. “I am not my sister’s keeper. I am my sister.” My season of the “Ruth and Naomi” relationship. I am surrounded by those that not only give me a list of things I “should” do but take it further and say come with me and I will show. “And Ruth said, Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God:” Ruth 1:16

I am so excited about this season of my life! And I can’t wait to share more with you about the challenges and victories of blending 3 families and building 3 businesses.

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