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The affiliate marketing for the “My Scars” tee has truly been a blessing to myself as well as the organization it supports through its fundraising efforts, Restoring the Heart, Inc. The tee has been a great way to serve as a conversation starter to share about the mission and vision of Mother 2 Mother as well as the mission and vision of RTH, Inc. With the proceeds that have been donated to RTH, Inc. we have been able to add that to other donated funds to purchase supplies for our teen girl workshops. It is the support of community organizations like Mother 2 Mother that make it possible for organizations like RTH, Inc. to give back to their community.

Here is what Author Zari Bank had to say: “@RhachelleNicol your shirts are billboards for Zari Banks book sales.”

Antonina Griffin founder of SCAR Foundation “I try to show my SCARs as much as possible and your brand is going to help me.  Wonderful job Rhachelle.”

“Those scars were for you to go through because you were going to be strong enough to tell someone else how to get out of it.” ~ Le’Andria Johnson

“Rhachelle Nicol’ I absolutely loved working with you and ready to do it again. Thanks for capturing my vision into words and creative design and fashion.” ~ Daphne McQuarter  I Am Her Voice


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