Creating Content From What You Already Know

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3 Keys To Being Creative:

-Getting a deeper understanding of how things in the world function.

-Develop a method to access the knowledge you need when you need it.

-Developing thinking habits to support these skills.

“If you can’t retrieve the info you know, then you may not be describing the problem in a way that allows the info to come to mind.”

Keep changing the definition of the problem.

In addition, we learn that 1+1=2.  In algebra we learn that x=1+1, where x is an unknown but can in fact be solved to find its value.  I said that to make a point.  We are trained to look at things from one perspective, but when you are forced to take what is known to solve the unknown, what you already know holds a lot more value than what you don’t.

Social Media is new for quite a few people. A couple of years ago, I never updated my Facebook statuses, matter of fact, my sister set up my account so that she could have an extra laborer on FarmVille. I had heard about twitter but had refused to sign up and hadn’t blogged for over 5 years.  But when I began, it wasn’t about what I didn’t know, it was more about my past experience. Where I had been and what I had been through made the difference.

So start with what you know. Chances are if you have Customer Service experience, you would be able to shed some light on how to communicate and build relationships. If you are a recent college graduate, chances are you know the in and outs of how to choose classes, how to land an internship, how to survive college life on a budget or even how to apply for grants and scholarships.  Someone might even need to know how to survive their first semester of college finals.

In todays economy, we need innovators.  People who are not going to stay focused on the obvious, but instead take what is known and create an unknown, something that has never been done.  It is all a matter of building on top of what youalready know.

Start creating!!!

Art Markman, Ph.D. “How to bulk up your creativity muscles.” Psychology Today.
January/February 2012. Pg 53


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