Creating Content for your Blog/Website

So you have decided to give blogging a try. As you sit down and begin to get familiar with how things work, I am sure you are going to ask yourself, “Now what?” Creating content can be a challenge if you let it. I have found that the more I read, whether it be a book or other blog post, the easier it is for me to write and draw inspiration from what has been read. I have added blogs that I frequent often to my blogroll which makes them easy to access when I am stumped. I have also added some sites to my favorites. In any case, I know exactly where to go when I need writing inspiration.

As the end of the year is approaching, some of you may be working on a few things for the New Year. You may be writing a book, starting a ministry or even returning back to the classroom, as a teacher or student, write about your experiences. We all have our day to day lives, some more interesting than others and yes someone will find your stories entertaining. I have also found that writing about myself doesn’t take much research. So let those first few post paint a picture to your readers about who you are. This allows your reader to relate to you, get familiar with your writing style and it may also create an opportunity for someone to leave a comment that has experienced something similiar.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Yes, pictures are great ideas to add to your blog. They break up all the words, while adding color, style and personality. “Wordless Wednesday” has also become a very common post that some bloggers use. In place of a post with 1000 words, bloggers use pictures that sum up there day. Or you can simply do both, I sometimes add a picture to make things more visual and I still do a complete post. I guess what I am trying to say is be creative.

Another content style that you may be interested in is video blogging. I hope to start doing some of these in the New Year. I will have to definitely work out a concrete schedule for it as to avoid interruptions from my little ones. But video blogging is simply utilizing actual recorded footage of you speaking. So instead of writing your words you can speak your words. I have even noticed that sometimes my spoken words are more powerful than my written. So if you are not camera shy, by all means start recording.

Last but definitely not least, there are always the questions How, When, Where, Why and When that can be answered. Yes, the 5 W’s make for great content when paired with a simple concept. The content post generally answers questions like, How to generate more blog traffic? Why authors choose to self-publish? And when you run out of questions make a list, for example, 7 ways to engage your reader. One particular site that I frequent often is Writing Spirit, the Author, Julia Isaac offers tons of creative ways to create content for your blog. One of my favorite post is Lists.

Well it looks like now you should have plenty to write about. So what is the first writing topic that came to mind after reading this post? Please share in the comments.


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