6 Sacrifices to Help Achieve Your Dreams

So you have had this dream of quitting your day job and owning your own business. Every time you think it’s the right time, something happens that makes you reconsider. Well guess what, something is always going to happen, even once your business is up and running, you can count on something happening. I say, make the sacrifices now and count on the reward later, but you have to start somewhere.

6 Sacrifices to Help Achieve Your Dream:

Cable Television: it has been over a year now since I paid a cable bill and no, I don’t have a friend that is the cable man. I ended my service and bought an antennae. My children enjoy PBS kids and the basic family sitcoms. I have cut back on watching television a lot which has allowed me not only to save money but also make better use of my time.

A Good Old Home Cooked Meal: There is nothing like ordering a meal just how you like it, someone bringing it to you and then even clearing the table once you’re done. But let’s face it, eating out can be expensive and in the end comes with no reward. Plan out your meals for the week, do all your grocery shopping at once. This will not only save you money on food cost but also save you time so that you don’t always have to go to the store. Remember to also throw some things in the cart to take to work for lunch. You can also just make a little extra for dinner and enjoy leftovers.

Alternative Transportation: For some the bus is their only means of transportation, myself included for the past year. But they make it work and accomplish what is needed, while saving money. Gas prices are high and it has been said that they will reach record highs. If you can, take the bus. Or even ride a bike if you are going a short distance. You can even alternate between driving and taking the bus, maybe the bus one week and drive the next. Depending on the size car you drive, you can save any where from $60 to $120 a week.

Social Scene on a Budget: We all like to unwind, relax and mingle amongst peers but find a way to do it at someone else’s expense. Check your local Community Center websites for free community events. Another option is hanging out in high traffic areas, coffee shops, outdoor shopping malls (only to window shop of course), etc. I guarantee you will end up meeting other people with the same goals in mind.

Recyclable Wardrobe: Who needs 10 pairs of slacks, 10 pairs of jeans, 10 different skirts, short, long and in between, countless tops, blouses, tees and I don’t even want to start on the number of pairs of shoes? I hope you answered, no one. Yes, I know you have heard “dress the part”. But really, what do you see most business professionals in? Black or navy blue with a variety of different shirt colors, seems to be the trend and always has been. Get a couple of nice slacks, skirts and different blouses/shirts. You can even throw in a couple of blazers to change up your look. A nice pair of heels (dress shoes for the fellas) and some flats will do and learn to accessorize. So since your closet is full, no need to go out and shop more. Simply use what you have and mix n match. No one is paying more attention to what you have on than you.

Give Up Your Weekends: Most of what I focused on was saving money, but like they say, “Time is money”. You have to give time to your dreams. Yes, even after working 40 hours, you must invest some time. Maybe an hour each night in the evenings uninterrupted or use your Saturdays and Sundays, but be intentional. Make a list of what you want and need to accomplish and focus on doing just that. Time is a seed and where you plant it, determines what will grow.


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