5 Challenges of Change

Change is defined as “the act or instance of making or becoming different”.   Change happens at the point of realization that we were created for better, we can do better and better is available.   As the saying goes, “when you know better, you do better.  I have also recognized that there are some challenges to embracing change.

1.  Excepting that change is necessary and making the time for it.  Change is a continuous process that must be consistently and intentionally pursued.  Many of us go through life on autopilot, doing things out of habit instead of on purpose.  However, when you realize your purpose, the choices you make must be “on purpose” and made consciously.

2.  Acknowledging that we all have areas in our lives that could use some changing.  Change requires us to be honest with ourselves, “to thine own self be true”.  The hardest person for us to recognize that needs change is ourselves.  We recognize the changes that others need to make to exist in “our world” but we fail to acknowledge the changes needed in our lives just to exist.

3.  There is no room for pride when working towards change.  Pride will say, “I’m just being me”.  But it will keep you from becoming the best version of “You”.

4.  Another challenge is accepting that your environment, the people in it and the focus you once had will change and it may be drastic.  Be comfortable with the people who walk away, the change you are experiencing will attract those that will stay.  There is no comfort zone in change, it may hurt but keep going, no pain no gain.

5.  Lastly, figuring out how to incorporate change into out lives.  Many times we get stuck in the hustle and shuffle of life that we fail to take the time or make the time for change.  We also may fear it, because we don’t fully understand how it will look in the end.  One simple thing that can be done to assist in the process is journaling.   Journaling allows you to reflect on the choices made, experiences as a result of those choice and provides a reference point.  “As a man thinketh so is he.”  Journaling will show you what you think about most, where your focus is at and provide a blueprint of how you arrived there.

I am embracing change…Choosing How to Achieve New Goals and Experiences.  From change comes growth…


5 comments on “5 Challenges of Change

  1. I am not sure if my first comment went through. Change is good and it can be so refreshing. I love your step by step process for allowing change and I especially love the acronym: Choosing How to Achieve New Goals and Experiences … brilliant.

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