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Why start a blog? ~ RN Series

So many ask this question, “Why should I start a blog?” My first thought is always “why not”. But after asking more questions, I then realize that they are not aware of the benefits. Just like any other form of social media, blogging is an extension of you and/or your brand. Blogging gives you access to a whole other audience. Which provides another way to get your message out there.

Once you have made the commitment, it takes some work. I always say consistency is key. You need to decide which site you will use, WordPress, Blogger, Blogspot or get one professional designed(self hosted). While you are getting your feet wet, settling in to this new venture, I would suggest a free hosting site. I just so happen to like WordPress.

The templates that are available on the free hosting sites are typically user friendly also. You can utilize something with your personal style, then add more features as you go. If you decide to take your blogging further, this will give you a chance to figure out what you will want when considering the design of a professional site.

Next, what exactly will you be talking about. Some choose to discuss day to day life, inspirational messages, music, etc. Whatever you choose to talk about, own it! Incorporate your personality, your experiences, what you’ve learned and even how you could have done things differently. Consider this your very own reality show and just be you.

Then comes sharing, getting the message you have spent creating out to your audience. Once again, there are many ways to do this. I prefer using twitter and Facebook. Another key to this is reading other blogs and leaving comments. Actually, you might want to start this even prior to getting started. Find out what others are discussing and how their readers are responding. Get involved in the conversation, I often try to leave a comment on each blog I visit. You should make sure your profile is set up correctly so that when a comment is left, your link to your site can be clicked, this directs the owner of the blog and possibly some of their readers back to your site.

Lastly write, be consistent, create a schedule to update your blog and stick to it. Your readers will appreciate it and over time you will see the benefits and results. Now start blogging.

Let’s recap:
1. Which will you choose? WordPress, Blogger or Blogspot

2. What will you discuss?
Whatever you decide, own it.

3. How will you let others know about your blog?
Share, share, share…creating a community is important when it comes to blogging.

4. What’s next???
Write, write, write…and whatever you do, don’t stop writing.


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