Progress Is The Goal

I have been writing this blog in my head for the past few months. At first, I was beating myself up for not writing as much as I had been. But with progress being the goal, I must admit that I have made a lot of progress in other areas of my life. On December 23, 2014 I finally made moving back home to California a reality. Though it still feels like I’m just on an extended vacation, I snap out of it every Monday while I sit in traffic headed to work. Yes, in that 2 month time period, I received 3 job offers. Not to mention that during my first week of work my boss informed me he was signing me up for B-school with Marie Forleo.

My Scars Chat - SFSU

My Scars Chat – SFSU

And if relocating and starting a new job isn’t enough progress, I was also planning the first My Scars Chat of 2015. I was so honored this past Wednesday to be back on the campus of my Alma Mater, San Francisco State University, along with my undergraduate chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc and host a My Scars Chat with young women and men that were eager to learn and discuss the impact of domestic violence. And they showed their scars! They opened up and discussed some of their life experiences. They talked about the concerns they had for friends and I am confident that they left empowered and will continue to show their scars so that others know they can heal.

So no I have not been vacationing and over-indulging in free time but progressing forward. I have clients that I am also working with and bringing their brand messages to life through t-shirts. One thing is for certain I am content with where I am and I am going to find a way to celebrate myself very soon. I am learning not to be so hard on myself. Every seed that I plant is not going to blossom overnight but if I keep taking steps towards reaching my goals one day they will be achieved. “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

Erica Campbell Showing Her Scars

Erica Campbell Showing Her Scars

And then there is that moment when you receive a text from a friend of a picture that she saw on Instagram of one of your favorite gospel singers and half of Mary Mary, wearing a My Scars shirt. Then you’re told by your Sorority sister that Tina Campbell wore hers on the Mary Mary reality show and you catch the promo clip. It reinforced that fact that, I may not be “busy” (doing stuff just to pass the time) but I am definitely making progress. What goals have you set? What are you doing to achieve them? Are you making progress? Do you need an accountability partner? I’m listening!

I show my scars so that others know they can heal.” Someone needs to see your scars!

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Sunday Mourning


Protecting My Peace And Joy

love joy and peaceThe past few weeks have been full of joy. I was on a natural high from everything that was happening and lining up in my life. There was a peace that filled my heart, letting me know that I am where I need to be right now. I gave up the stress of worrying about my future while consciously making day to day decisions to live the life I desire. So what happened?

The reality of the world we live in hit me like a ton of bricks. I awaited for the news of Darren Wilson’s indictment for the murder of Mike Brown like most of the world. I would like to say I was surprised by the announcement that there would be no indictment, but I wasn’t. I wasn’t. And that’s what hurts. Because if I were surprised then there would be more hope than fear for the lives of my 4 boys that will one day be young men.

I haven’t made many comments about the outcome or even the current protest. I had a long conversation with a friend of mine about how I was feeling. My faith was tested, my peace was not still and my joy hadn’t come in the morning. I couldn’t understand the thoughts of Darren Wilson’s supporters. I said, “They can’t believe in and pray to the same God that I do. And how much longer do we [African Americans] have to keep praying before things change? Surely someone’s prayer was answered and they were given some mandate or instructions as to what to do.” His response was, “All we can do is make sure that we do what we were sent here to do”. And while I want to do and be all that I was sent here for, his response still wasn’t enough. But the more I began to dwell on it, the more I was robbed of my peace and joy.

One thing is for sure, you have to protect your peace and joy. I understand now more than ever the importance of a daily spiritual practice. The power of meditation and visualizing your peaace, joy and happiness and literally pulling it into your day. And sometimes you just have to still away, shut down and silence all the noise until your sould is replenished. So while I hold my peace, please know that I am striving to do all that I know to do in my corner of this world to bring change.

I show my scars so that others know they can heal.” Someone needs to see your scars!

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Sunday Mourning


The London Sessions: New Music From Mary J. Blige

*Note: I participated in the Mary J Blige The London Sessions album review program as a member of bLink Marketing Network. I was provided a free album to review but all opinions are my own.

Mary J. Blige has been singing the soundtrack to my life for over 20 years. I saw Mary J. Blige in July during the Essence Festival and her performance served as a reminder of why she is the Queen. She took us all the way back to the 411 and I was on my feet for her entire performance. She sounded amazing and looked amazing. It’s hard to imagine that 3 months ago there was no album. But after her Essence Festival performance, I would have caught a flight to London and gone straight to the studio also.

The London Sessions is Mary J. Blige’s latest album set to be released on December 2, 2014. The London Sessions bring a new sound for Mary but definitely full of the same energy and heart that she has continued to bring to every album. Mary J. Blige collaborated with an amazing group of writers, singers and producers while in London to deliver such an album with a global perspective in mind. I have a few favorites but Whole D@#! Year and Long Hard Look are bringing it for me.

I am a fan of Mary J. Blige’s classic R&B and Hip-Hop sound but this sound she is bringing in The London Sessions is quite refreshing. I think Mary ran off to London with my journal because she definitely picked right back up from where the soundtrack of my life had ended. And this song gives me life. We have watched Mary grow right before our eyes as an artist and in her personal life. No matter what she was going through, she was still bringing us music to keep us moving. I am glad to see her at this place in her life, happy and expressing herself freely through her music. You can pre-order the Album on iTunes and Amazon. You can also check out the trailer for The London Sessions and get an idea about the inspiration behind the album.

For more information visit the Official Mary J Blige website, follow Mary J. Blige on twitter and click like on the Mary J. Blige Facebook fan page to stay up to date with the latest Mary J. Blige The London Sessions news.

I participated in the Mary J Blige The London Sessions album review program as a member of bLink Marketing Network. I was provided a free album to review but all opinions are my own.


What Will You Do For The Rest of Your Life to Live The Life You Want?

When I was a little girl, my father had an amazing dream for my life.  I would grow up, go to medical school and become a doctor.  I was actually on that path for most of my life.  As an undergraduate, I majored in Biology then soon realized I enjoyed Psychology more and switched.  But I was still determined to make my father proud.  I received my Bachelors in Clinical Psychology then returned a year later to puruse a 2nd Bachelors in Biology.  I was doing all that was necessary to live the life that my father desired for me.  I attended classes 2-3 times per week, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Biology, labs, internships, etc.  I did it all.  I was committed to the process that was necessary to become a doctor.  However, I soon realized that I wasn’t living the life I desired or pursuing my dreams and goals.  I don’t even think I had a dream or goal of my own.  The closest thing in my life that reasonabled anything I enjoyed was the part-time job I had working for a bank.

My sophmore year in college I took on a part-time job working at a bank.  After 9 months as a teller, I was promoted to Lead Teller.  I enjoyed the customer interactions, sales and marketing, training new hires, preparing for audits and even the stress.  You see the job that I had was feeding a desire that I had yet to discover.  I stayed in banking for 10 years.  And during those 10 years, I started a couple of businesses.  I was a tutor.  I marketed and promoted my services and had a great clientele.  I also started a monthly newsletter.  I sold ad spaces in the newsletter, interviewed local residents and shared words of inspiration.  I hope you see what I am getting at.  Even when I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, life was speaking and guiding me.  Now more than ever I am sure of what I want to do with my life and the life I want.

Life You Want Work


A little over a week ago, I attended Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend in San Jose, CA.  I really didn’t know what to expect from the weekend.  I knew that I had Oprah on my vision board and a goal of mine was finally happening.  I also knew that I was ready to live the life I want but not sure on how to do it.  Well the weekend was everything that I needed and more.  Oprah had us do an assignment on Saturday which required us to “See your life today”.  We had to divide our lives into what is important to us.  Once you determined what was important to you, you divided the circle up into those areas by percentage.  Then came the hard part, you had to determine how satisfied you were with each area.  We used happy faces, solemn faces and sad faces.  I soon realized that there were a lot of areas in my life that I am not happy with.  However, I also realized that this weekend was all about giving me the tools to change that.  Oprah challenged us to do something daily for the next 365 days in order to live the life you want.  So I am going to share with you all some of things that I will be doing in order to live the life I want.  By sharing, I am also hoping that you all will also hold me accountable, check in with me by leaving a comment on my post and/or take this challenge with me.  If you are going to take the challenge with me, use the hashtag #OneThingDaily when sharing what you are doing.

So here it goes.  I have been working on marketing strategies for the past few weeks.  I recently had an “aha moment” and realized I can apply the same technique from a marketing strategy to a “life strategy”. When working on a marketing strategy, you focus your efforts on a few areas that all support the overall marketing goal.  If the marketing goal is expanding your online reach, one might focus their attention on their social media platforms and what they can do on each platform to encourage growth.  For example, posting 3-4 pictures on instagram daily using specific hashtags to reach your audience, creating and scheduling 20 tweets to cycle daily on your twitter account, writing 3 post or more on your website per week, recording YouTube videos, etc.  All of these activities combined together can help achieve the ultimate goal of expanding your reach.

So here is my #OneThingDaily list of things that I will incorporate into my life some won’t be daily but have regular time and attention given.

-Family – I love spending time with my family and will continue creating memories with my children.

-Faith – Oprah and Iyanla spoke about having a daily spiritual practice.  I will continue to pray, read my Bible and meditate daily.

-Workout – I finally think it’s time to start going to the gym.  Especially since there are a few more red carpets that I want to work in the near future.

-Writing – I will be writing/blogging a lot more regularly on my site (3 times per week Lord willing) and for the local newspaper that I write for.  My goal is to strengthen the gift that God has given me.

-Radio Host – Yes, I am officially the Co-Host on Gospel Central Blog Talk Radio.  I hope to share my voice and message with you on a regular weekly basis along with my co-host.

-Knowledge – I will be reading more and I am also looking into taking a class or two.

-Multiple Streams of Income – I am going to be working even harder on generating an increased income through all of my streams.

-Travel – I am getting my passport updated.  I am going to be planning a lot more trips for business and for the experience.  I want to see the world and capture the moments in words and pictures.

-Home – To be continued…I am thinking a big move may be in my future.  But for now, I am settled and content with where I am but I can see my future home more clearer now than ever.

-Shine – I am going to allow the true essence of me to shine brighter than ever.

The key to living the life you desire is being persistent, intentional and conscious while pursuing your dreams and goals.  What are you going to do daily?

I show my scars so that others know they can heal.” Someone needs to see your scars!

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Sunday Mourning




SoulCycle: SOUL15 at Oprah’s Life You Want Tour Took Me There in 15 Minutes

Oprah's Life You Want Tour - Soul15

So I am still on a natural high since attending Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend tour in San Jose, CA last weekend.  But out of all the things that keep coming to mind, SOUL15 is at the top of the list.  I know I have mentioned it time and time again that I do not work out and have not since highschool circa 199? (I am not telling ya’ll my age).  But SOUL15 is definitely going to make me rethink this and maybe one day I will be a professional runner in some sneakers, on a track, in gym clothes.  Okay I might be pushing it a little but this workout moved me like never before.  As a matter of fact, before I knew it, I was in tears.  Yes you read that right.  I was working out, marching it out, doing some arm rolls and squats when I realized the tears were falling and I couldn’t do anything to stop them.

SoulCycle Instructor, Angela Davis and Senior Master Instructor, Stacey Griffith incorporated a Sunday morning message into the workout that spoke to me.  The message reaffirmed the physical and spritual journey that I am on to be all that God has called me to be.  As I looked around at those sitting closest to me, I realized that I was not the only one that felt a deep spiritual breakthrough during the workout.  I’m going to need a 15 minute video of this workout stat.  I’m ready to go from glory to glory and faith to faith with mind, BODY and soul fully onboard in 2015.

SoulCycle currently operates 30 locations and is looking to have 60 locations by 2016. I hope one of those locations is in Las Vegas, NV.  Sin City needs you!



More About SOUL15:

SoulCycle has created SOUL15, an innovative exercise experience customized for Oprah’s The Life You Want Tour.  SOUL15 is a 15-minute cardio-dance experience inspired by a traditional SoulCycle Class.  SoulCycle Instructor, Angela Davis and Senior Master Instructor, Stacey Griffith, lead an inspirational exercise routine designed to help people at all levels of fitness find joy in exercise.  The SOUL15 segment on Oprah’s The Life You Want Tour integrates LED light bracelets synched to music in a dark arena setting, which illuminate the stadium with every arm movement.  True to a signature SoulCycle class experience, participants move together as a pack to the rhythm of the music and are encouraged to set an intention for their experience and clear away the physical and emotional obstacles that are holding them back.


Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend Final Stop


The Life You Want Tour Final Stop

Oprah Winfrey wrapped up her final tour stop of her eight-city arena tour of Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend (November 14- 15, 2014) in San Jose, CA. Over 10,000 people filled the SAP Center in downtown San Jose. If you were in the area, you could fill the energy even from outside the building. Some attendees came desiring to write a new vision for their life or to turn a lifelong dream of witnessing Oprah live into a reality while others were hoping for words of confirmation. Whatever their purpose was for attending, they indeed found what they were looking for.

O-Town kicked off on Friday evening welcoming guest as early as 10am. O-Town was a pop-up town square outside the venue that gave guest the opportunity to interact with The Life You Want Tour sponsors. Guest could enjoy various activities, makeovers, photo ops, food and music to keep their energy level up throughout the weekend. DJ Kiss kept the crowd dancing and energized while awaiting the evenings guest of honor. The energy level only increased as the time grew closer for Oprah to take the stage for An Evening With Oprah.

She engaged the audience with a narrative of her life and how she had come to know some things for sure. The audience came to know the humble beginnings of the little girl from Mississippi that learned to read by her grandmother, was raped at the age of 9, became pregnant at 14, birthed a son that passed shortly after delivery but recognized her second chance at living the life she desired. “There is always a second chance. If you are still here, you get a second chance to get it right” she said. She left nothing out about her life when speaking of her journey to turn her life around; reiterating the importance of having a spiritual life. She had come to understand the power of God at an early age, quoting one of her favorite scriptures, “Acts 17:28 For in him we live, and move, and have our being…”. When she was uncertain of what to do, she rest assured that the answer would come during her quiet time with God under the oak tree. And then center stage she began to sing I Surrender All. She was the only one to speak on Friday evening but the seeds planted would continue to grow into something more on Saturday as she introduced each Trailblazer.

“It has been a dream of mine forever to create an event where you can wake up to all of your potential and possibilities. If you come and spend two days with me and a team of true life trailblazers – Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert, Iyanla Vanzant and Pastor Bell – your life is going to light up.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

Oprah not only lived out her dream but she provided the tools for her audience to awaken and achieve theirs. Each trailblazer brought a different source of enlightenment to the weekend for an entire mind, body and spirit experience. If you hadn’t been moved to tears on Friday, you were sure to reach for a kleenex on Saturday. In between the speakers on Saturday, Oprah guided the audience in “life work”, reflecting, coming to terms with where they are, what they desire and creating a new vision through meditation to achieve their deepest desires.

Iyanla Vanzant

At the conclusion of The Life You Want weekend, Oprah’s Trailblazers expressed there gratitude and honored Oprah with their words. It was a moving display of their appreciation to be afforded such an amazing platform to share their journeys. So what better way for those in attendance to honor Oprah than by also giving her their words. Below find some of the words from those in attendance in various States along the tour and how they plan to use the tools provided to them during Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend.



LYWW-San Jose

I will do something daily in order to live the life I desire.

I will…create the life I want by dreaming big, setting audacious goals and continuing to dream and act BIG. ~ Stephanie B. – San Jose, CA

I will not only create a new vision for my life but walk in it.

I will commit to wake up looking for the light + seeking ways to serve others. I’ll continue to embrace the life I have as I work toward creating the life I want for my family + my business. ~ Camesha G. San Jose, CA

I will listen to the whispers of life that speak to me and guide me along my journey.

I will dream bigger dreams for myself and know that I’m worthy of them. I will pursue them knowing that I have within me what I need to achieve it. Through this process I will work to inspire others to do the same. ~ Jenn B. Houston, TX

I will stand and walk in courage believing that the life I desire is on the other side of every obstacle.

I will live a life focused on gratitude and service to others. I will make no excuses for my joy and accept the blessings that I receive. I will embrace the wonderfulness of life and focus my energy on those things that align with my passion and purpose. I will strive to embrace my divatude on a daily basis and motivate others to do the same. ~ Michelle G. Atlanta, GA.

I will be the best authentic version of myself possible.

I will design my purpose & bring it to full manifestation after seeing Oprah, Kim Garst & Simon T. Bailey this year. All where GREAT game changers for me. I will shine brightly and make each one see the POWER of their teachings and word with me. ~ Kimberly W. Atlanta, GA

I will show compassion when offended, love when hated and be still in peace when confused.

I will deepen my spiritual practice and repeat daily affirmations of what I want in life to myself. ~ Jenee D. San Jose, CA
I will serve with pure intentions.
I will not leave the little girl in me behind that was once wounded. I am her and I wouldn’t be here or get to where I’m going without her.
I will share my story. My valleys, my triumphs, my fears, my joys, my frustrations and my peace so others fighting to live the life they too desire can see that no matter what comes their way, it’s possible.
I will not take this gift that you so freely gave for granted.
I will rise. We will rise. Together we will rise.

If you attended Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend during any of the eight tour stops, leave your “I will” statement in the comments and share this post.


Did You Know That I Was A Professional Runner?

Female runner legsOkay so I’ve never ran in the Olympics or anything.  Actually, I’ve never even ran on a track team.  Okay I did attempt the track team once after being told that I was built like a runner but the way my lungs are set up, it didn’t work out.  I became a professional in running away from my problems.

In my 20’s, I always worked multiple jobs and kept a savings account that allowed me to live on my terms.  When I didn’t like a job, I quit.  When I had an issue with a roommate, I decided to live alone.  When I started having problems with my mother, I moved out.  When my relationship was falling apart, I left.  I had put in so much time at one particular company, the manager would allow me to explore other opportunities but always kept an open door for me to return to my position.  The behavior had started when I was a little girl and I don’t think my parents saw it as a problem.  I took piano lessons for a little while.  When I stopped liking piano, I was able to quit.  The same was with tennis, ballet and any other extracurricular activity I showed a short lived interest in.  The problem was that with all the quitting, leaving and running I never learned true discipline, how to speak up for myself or get what I knew I deserved.  I allowed others to dictate how far I could go and where I would go or I just sabotaged it myself.  Well one thing is for certain, you can’t spend your entire life running.

7 years ago, I ended up in Las Vegas because I was running away from a relationship.  It was probably the best run that I ever made but I’m realizing I gave up so much of my power; power and strength that I didn’t know I had.  My situation had drastically changed from when I was in my early 20’s.  I wasn’t surrounded by family or friends and I couldn’t work 2 and 3 jobs so I didn’t have that savings that had provided me a way of escape in the past.  I finally had to face my STUFF.  I had to come to terms with me, what I wanted out of life and stop running from what I didn’t want.  I was attracting everything I didn’t want in life because that’s where my focus was, I honestly didn’t know what I wanted.

It didn’t happen overnight and even these past few months have proven that there is still a little bit of a runner in me but I am learning how to surrender.  I literally had to be left without a penny to my name in order for me to stay put this past month.  But it was the best situation for me in order to stay on the path of living out my purpose.  If I had ran a month ago like I wanted to, I would not have ran into Le’Andria Johnson and discussed The Le’Andria Johnson Collection a couple of weeks ago or had the opportunity to work the red carpet at the Soul Train Awards on Friday (November 7, 2014).  Both of these have been goals of mine, I would have literally been forfeiting my dreams.  I am retiring my running shoes for some stilettos, I think I’ll look better in them walking through these open doors.  I don’t want to be down to my last anymore to recognize all the blessings that are literally chasing me down.  I am ready to receive all that God’s has for me and I am going to continue watering where He has me planted.

I show my scars so that others know they can heal.” Someone needs to see your scars!

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Sunday Mourning


2014 Soul Train Music Awards Presented by Centric

Soul Train Music Awards


The 2014 Soul Train Music Awards were filmed last night in Las Vegas, NV at The Orleans Hotel and Casino.  I had the privilege to cover the red carpet for Gospel Central.  So many reunions took place last night, not just on the red carpet but also on the stage.  I had the opportunity to speak to  many of my favorite groups and artist of the 90’s and when they hit the stage…let me just say they still got it!  You will have to stay tuned for some of the interviews that were captured.  Also, be sure to catch the show hosted by Wendy Williams on Centric, November 30, 2014 at 8pm/7C.


The Life You Want: More Than Just A Tour But An Affirmation

The Life You Want Weekend LogoWhat better way to begin a new journey in life than by attending The Life You Want Weekend in San Jose, CA.  I am so honored to be attending The Life You Want Tour as a media guest.  I woke up last night (in the middle of the night  like I do every night) and to my surprise an email was awaiting me from OWN letting me know that I was confirmed to attend.  But let me take a minute to back track as to how it was even made possible for me to attend.  I received a call a few weeks ago from a friend who just so happens to be the Editor In Chief of Swagher Magazine.  She let me know that she was not going to be able to attend The Life You Want Tour in Houston.  But she wanted to know if I knew of someone in the Houston, TX area that could go as a correspondent for the magazine.  I immediately thought of my other friend who happens to be the Editor In Chief of Mind Of A Diva.  I connected the two and the rest was history.  I am a firm believer that what you make happen for others God/the universe will make happen for you.

“It has been a dream of mine forever to create an event where you can wake up to all of your
potential and your possibilities. If you come and spend two days with me and a team of true life
trailblazers – Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert, Iyanla Vanzant, Mark Nepo and Pastor Rob Bell –
your life is going to light up. I’m telling you, it’s going to be so good.”
–Oprah Winfrey

So now I am preparing myself for this amazing weekend.  I have been doing the daily meditations with Oprah and Deepak Chopra for the past few days this week.  I am getting myself laser focused on my goals and desires.  I want to be in position for 2015 and beyond to LIVE the life that I desire.  I happen to have some friends that have attended the tour in other cities and states like Atlanta and DC.  They have all spoken very highly of the weekend.

Did you attend The Life You Want weekend or do you know someone that did?  How did it impact you?  If you didn’t attend, how are you preparing yourself for the New Year?  Are you creating a vision board/journal?  Let’s inspire one another to live the life that we desire.  I can wait to share with you my “aha moments”.

About “Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend”

Harpo Studios, O, The Oprah Magazine, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network and WME Live have joined together for this unprecedented eight-city arena tour and transformational weekend featuring Oprah Winfrey and a team of special guests, sponsored by Olay and Toyota. On Friday nights, Oprah will take the stage, bringing her personal story and insights to life in a one of a kind intimate evening. Then on Saturdays, Oprah will lead a day-long gathering of thousands with handpicked thought leaders and pop culture icons including Iyanla Vanzant, star of OWN’s hit series “Iyanla Fix My Life,” regular O Magazine contributor, best-selling author and spiritual life coach; best-selling author of Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert; and one of Time 100’s Most Influential people, Pastor Rob Bell. Additionally, world-renowned author and pioneer in mind-body medicine Dr. Deepak Chopra (Appearing in Atlanta GA, Houston TX, Miami FL, San Jose CA) and author Mark Nepo (Appearing in Auburn Hills MI, Washington DC, Newark NJ, Seattle WA) will take the stage.

For more information about the tour, visit:

Also on Saturday, paralympian and “Dancing With the Stars” finalist Amy Purdy will join Oprah on stage for Toyota’s “Standing O-Vation,” which will recognize extraordinary people in communities
around the country. The driving force behind Toyota’s “Standing O-Vation” stems from the automaker’s commitment to fostering women’s interests. While reflecting the kind of stories that define the brand, Toyota’s “Standing O-Vation” is an opportunity to celebrate remarkable women who are not only making the world a better place, but also motivating others to spark theirown journey of personal change.




5 Tips to Assist You Through Your Transition

Transitions through metamorphisisI recently asked a question about transitioning and to my surprise most of the responses received were not action items.  The responses ranged from providing Bible scriptures to prayer and meditation which led me to believe that many of us do not know how to handle transition.  The question was: “How do you handle or navigate through periods/seasons of transition? What piece of advice would you give someone transitioning?”

The first response was actually a favorite scripture of mine: “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Galatians 6:9.  While I love the verse and quote it often, someone that is going through a season of transition would likely ask as a rebuttal, “How do I not grow weary?” So instead of quoting the scripture, I would suggest that you remember your “Why?”  Seasons of transition are not meant to derail us but instead better align us with fulfilling our purpose.  I spend time reading old journals and notes that I may have written.  I often come across goals that I may have forgotten that I had but at that moment they help me understand the place that I am in.  You would not be in a place of transition if you were not already prepared and equipped to handle it.

Which leads me to the next response: “Sit and grow.  It doesn’t feel good but it is for our good.”  Typically growth takes place during the season before transition occurs.  I agree that it doesn’t feel good.  I often refer to the burdens and aches of that season as growing pains.  However, periods of transition are not seasons of growth but however application.  So having a clear understanding of the lessons you have learned in each season and how to apply it during your transition is imperative.

If you don’t know how to apply what you have learned during your season of growth the next response is for you.  “Trust God!! Let your prayer be Lord I do not know what you are doing, or how you are going to do it but I am going to trust you.  Easier said than done but it’s real we definitely have to put all our trust in God while he transitions us to the next chapter of our lives. Often times it is a very scary process and a lonely road.” Trust is key during seasons of transition, trust in God and our instinct.  That still small voice will give us the instructions that we need as we are transitioning but we have to be able to trust it and ourselves to move forward.  It can definitely be lonely because sometimes transition will put us on a journey all by ourselves.  But being alone will also limit the amount of voices you are hearing and listening to allowing you to be clear and sure of God’s voice.

Now the next response probably should have been at the top of the list but I am rolling them out in the order they were given. “For me, during periods/season of transition I have learned to be still and listen so that I can quiet the noise in my brain and around so I can truly connect with the Most High. Often times we pray and ask so much of our heavenly father when the answer is right in front of us. It is equally important for me to meditate each and every morning for 20 minutes.”  While prayer allows us to communicate with God, meditation requires that we listen to God.  Set aside some time during your day to meditate; create an area or space in your home that is just for you that you.

Lastly, the final response that came in was, “Run!!!! Lol! Just kidding.  Stand and be careful of your alliances“.  You have to understand that when you have entered a season of transition everyone can’t go with you.  Some will walk away on their own, others will attempt to stick around for the wrong reasons and others you will have to send on their way.  Don’t try to hold on to those that are letting go and let go of those who are holding on for the wrong reasons.

You know it’s funny that I asked this question while I myself am experiencing a season of transition.  I realized that while writing that I already knew the answer to my own question.  Funny thing is I learned it all during my season of growth.  I am thankful for the grace that allows me to transition from season to season. What tips would you give to someone transitioning?

I show my scars so that others know they can heal.” Someone needs to see your scars!

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