It’s Almost Launch Time

I don’t care how many times I’ve done this, it still get the best of my nerves. I think about all the sleepless nights, time and effort put into creating for the big day, Launch Day.  So how do you prepare?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing the concept behind Brand Story Journals. I’ve been receiving some very good feedback that has also helped with the final revisions. It’s also been great to get everyone involved in the process.  I’ve been focused on the solutions that I believe the journal will bring formcreayive entrepreneurs.  It’s been quite interesting learning how we all go through similar processes when we are hit with ideas.  If I hadn’t created the journal, I would probably be using the side of my refrigerator as a notepad like one of my reviewers stated she did. I thought that was hilarious but I could definitely relate to the sense of urgency when an idea strikes and there is no pen or paper in reach.

About two weeks ago, I started doing morning brainstorming sessions on my Facebook live. I give my viewers and opportunity to leave an idea in the comments and break it down into steps that they can take and start implementing the same day.  I am also able to speak about Brand Story Journals during that time and encourage them to like the page and or purchase during the soft launch.  All purchases right now receive a free strategy session with me and they witness what am able to do right on the spot.

Brand Story Journals

Helping Creative Entrepreneurs build their brand one story at a time.

A week ago I shared images of some of the pages, which allowed my audience to see the lay out and even some of the content inside Brand Story Journals. It’s definitely not a journal of blank pages. I also shared in order to show the colors. My goal was for the journal to give off creative energy and vibes to encourage the creative process and not block it.  So many creatives are used to just grabbing a piece of paper but after further research they all pretty much have a system of transferring their ideas into a more organized and structured format.


Today, I shared 3 of the potential covers for Brand Story Journal and I asked for help deciding on which to go with.  As of now, #1 is leading the way and #3 is really close. Would mind helping out with the decision? Just leave a comment with the number 1, 2 or 3 and if you have any other constructive criticism feel free to share it.

Lastly, I kick off feature Friday and I will be highlighting brands on the site every Friday. I will be asking them some of the questions in the journal and sharing it on my website.  If you’re interest, all you have to do is sign up for my free Mid Year Brand Review worksheet and the questions to be featured will be sent out to you.

What other pre-launch activities do you think I should still incorporate before the official launch? Leave a comment

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