The Sisterhood: TLC’s Reality TV Star Launches Keeping It Real With Pastor D

Real talkTLC’s Reality TV Star Dominique Scott kicked off her premier taping of Keeping It Real with Pastor D on Saturday, March 17, 2013. Those who watched the TLC Reality Series, The Sisterhood, fell in love with Pastor D’s realness and victorious testimony. Keeping It Real with Pastor D brings that same energy and realness.

Read more about this amazing event here and check out the photos.

Keeping It Real With Pastor DPastor D is also a supporter of the RN Brand and the “My Scar” Tee.  She showed her scars proudly as she answered questions from those in the audience.  Discussing topics on business, relationships, ministry and working together to make things happen, Pastor D not only “Kept It Real” but truly inspired those in the audience.

“I show my scars so that others know they can heal.”

Have you liked the Showing Our Scars Facebook Page? We are “Showing Our Scars”!

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Find out more about the story behind “My Scars”

Sunday Mourning

Make sure to check out the complete article here


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