Ibotta: Couponing Without The Clipping

I am always looking for a way to save but when it came to couponing, I just couldn’t seem to find a routine.  I started off really enthused about cutting coupons until my first trip to the grocery store that I realized I had left every coupon that I had cut.  Forgetting my coupons became a norm until I finally just gave up on couponing.

Ibotta offers

Ibotta offers

I was recently introduced to a great app called Ibotta.  Let’s just say, I am a fan and it is great for the forgetful couponer like me.  Ibotta gives you offers (sort of like coupons) right in the app.  The offers range anywhere from $.50 cash back on an item purchased to $1.00 or more.  In this picture, you have an offer for a case of soda, water, coffee creamer and more.  You complete the offer by tapping on the product you plan to purchase and complete a survey, watch a video, share on facebook, etc.  Each thing you are instructed to complete takes a matter of seconds.  Once you complete the offer, the amount you will earn once you actually purchase the item at the grocery store goes into “pending”.  You will usually have 20+ more offers that you can complete at time in the app, from food to otc medications to hygiene products.

Simple right! The simplicity of the app makes it so worth it.  I try not to leave home without my phone so I no longer have to worry about not having my coupons with me.  And in case you do leave your phone, you won’t need it until you actually get back home with your receipts and of course groceries.

Once you complete your shopping trip, you simple click the redeem button, then choose the store that you completed your shopping at.  The list is pretty long, covering most of the common grocery stores and even 7-11.  The app then takes you to a screen to scan you receipt and then you also scan the items that you have purchased.  Once you have completed that process, you hit submit and it gets sent to the people in charge at Ibotta for approval.  Once approved they had over the money.  The cool part about this is that you have options to donate to a school of your choice, the United Way or you can have it deposited into your own Ibottapaypal account.  I always opp to “Get My Cash”.  I have been using the app since December and I have managed to earn $36 back so far.  These savings alone are also making me reconsider cutting coupons again.  I never imagined or took the time to really add up what I could possibly be saving.

You can start using the Ibotta app today by downloading it to your iPhone, iPad or Android here and tell your friends about it as well.  For everyone person you refer you get a $1 into you Ibotta account.  Those dollars can

My Earnings

My Earnings

add up.  Tell me what you think about the app.  Have you used it before?  Happy Saving!!!


One comment on “Ibotta: Couponing Without The Clipping

  1. What a great concept! I have been wanting to get into some couponing but the thought of clipping and staying organized when I’m normally shopping with my 4 boys scares me too much. This sounds like something I could actually do. Thanks for sharing!

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