Mary Mary: The Singing Duo Is Taking A Break

Mary Mary - Shackles (Praise You) 2 (LQ)

Mary Mary – Shackles (Praise You) 2 (LQ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mary Mary have been sharing their gift with us for the past 12 years as a group.  The sisters, Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell, introduced us to Shackles (Praise You) and broke through many gospel barriers with the release of their first album.  There music has been heard and played in places that many would have thought gospel music should not or would not be played.  Mary Mary have continued to make contributions to the Urban Contemporary Gospel category, garnering them Grammy’s, Stellar Awards and more.

Over the past few years, Mary Mary has taken to television as Sundays Best judges for the BET gospel singing competition.  With every new addition to their schedule, their lives have gotten a little busier.  We have also watched the growth of both Erica’s and Tina’s family.  Juggling a major singing career, television appearances, tours, recording and family can get hectic.  It can also create a lot of strain on relationships, health and eventually a career.  Though I hate to see them take a break, I definitely understand and wish them both the best during their haitus.

If you watch the Mary Mary reality show, then you know that Erica Campbell has been considering starting a solo career.  Tina’s priority right now seems to be her growing family.  Both of them have young children and these early years you don’t get back.  I have also read some comments on other sites speaking negative about them not taking out time for God, “you don’t see them praying”.  In 2013, I really want people to gain some understanding of how television works before you judge another man/woman’s walk.  If we could pray and preach on any network would there be a need for TBN or any other Christian network?  Okay rant over, but in all honestly, when you are going and going and going that balance can be lost.  Does it mean they love God any less?  I can’t say but I am sure that after this break, they will both re-enter ready to share their love for God through  music.   You can read more about their plans on Essence in an exclusive interview.

Are you a Mary Mary fan?  What do you think about the break?


7 comments on “Mary Mary: The Singing Duo Is Taking A Break

  1. I think what everyone is missing is that judgement is with God. Here we as a people go again passing judgement and taking the Bible and rewording it to appease ourselves so that we have affirmation of our current judgement against someone else. Ill repeat that, judgement against someone else not our self. MARY MARY or Erica Campbell understand that. Never will I believe that someone’s love for God rest’s within a dress that someone chooses to wear. Its just a dress. Those who see the negative in this situation created that vision themself and allowed their tainted vision to see what MARY MARY is not. We are just asked to hear thier message not view and judge thier carnal life. Instead of trying to see thier message, listen to thier message.

    • I agree Debra. I think Erica looked amazing in her dress! I couldn’t understand why so many felt the need to even say anything negative. I have seen tighter dresses and two piece suits on the first row of many churches without a lap scarf.

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