Isaac Carree: Clean This House

“Clean this house, from the inside out.  Restore me, take away my impurities.”  I recently heard “Clean This House” by Isaac Carree, a single that is Clean this houseexpected to be on his album that is to be released summer of 2013.   At the start of the song, I thought to myself wow, R. Kelly is doing gospel but I soon realized that though the sound was quite similar it was none other than Isaac Carree.  This song is sung as a heartfelt prayer.  I connected instantly with the lyrics.  I know I’ve been in that place where I needed God to do a complete work on my heart, mind and soul.  I love how some music has a way of communicating the prayer that is in our heart.  It has been a little over a week since the single was released and it is definitely creating a buzz.  You can download the single now on iTunes.  I would love to hear what you think of the single.

Since the release of the single, Isaac Carree has been mentioned in a not so good light.  I can only pray that whatever the situation may be that restoration and forgiveness can take place between all parties involved.  We really have to hold one another up in prayer.  It doesn’t matter the platform on which we serve and minister to God’s people, we are all in need of prayer and not free from making mistakes.  However, the transgressions of man should never be used as a source of entertainment or news but let a lesson be learned.  We all have to give an account in the end.


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