Soul Train Music Awards 2012: Unexpected opportunity

Lights, camera, action may be the phrase used for the movies but being able to see a live production of the Soul Train Music Awards was nothing short of a movie. Celebrities dressed for the red carpet, wearing smiles and filled with warmth as they celebrated each other’s craft. From Fantasia, Keshia Cole, Elle Varner, Le’Andria Johnson, Stevie Wonder and Gladys Knight to Cedric the Entertainer, Erving “Magic” Johnson, MC Lyte, New Edition and more, the audience sat in pure amazement as to who would appear next. I won’t be writing any spoilers as you will have to watch the show for yourself on BET Thanksgiving week. However, I will say that what you will see over the course of an hour or so will not compare to the 5 hours I witnessed being taped.

My favorite moment of the night was when New Edition accepted their Lifetime Achievement Award and their follow-up performance. It was in that moment that I realized we all have a testimony and the platform that we are given to share it is what separates us. They spoke about their humble beginnings. They were all sure to give honor to God for the opened doors and for keeping them together through the ups and downs off it all. I am no different from them. I am just at a different point along my journey. I was inspired by their humbleness and transparency. The next surprise for me came when I realized I was sitting next to Ronnie Devoe’s children and family. He accepted his award, acknowledged his family and then came the cameras. I made sure to smile but I was in complete shock.

I am grateful for the opportunity that came my way. I enjoyed every bit of anxiety preparing. I was fortunate to find the right dress, shoes and accessories with less than 24 hours notice that I would be attending. Initially I was nervous about what I would do with my hair but I am a natural girl and natural hair rocks!!

Don Cornelius definitely created a brand that will be shared with generations to come. My children’s children will be dancing down a Soul Train line. With that said, I couldn’t end this post any other way than wishing you Love, Peace and Soooouuuul!


5 comments on “Soul Train Music Awards 2012: Unexpected opportunity

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  2. Hello!!

    I have been wondering for SOOOO long about the performance I wanted to see THAT WAS EDITED OUT OF THE SHOW! Were you able to see Le’Andria Johnson perform? If so, what song did she sing and how was she?? Did the crowd like/love her? I figured maybe she didn’t do all THAT great because if she did, something would have been said on her website about the performance. I need DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS!! Thank you SO much. Many websites confirmed she was going to perform but then as the show came on, nothing… nada.. zilch. I watched the whole show for NOTHING (sorry!) I’m really just interested in her nowadays.

    Again, thanks!

    • Le’Andria Johnson did perform however it was during a break. She was actually the main reason I was attending. However, when they brought her out it was clear that it was not during the taping and her mic was not even turned completely up in order for us to completely enjoy her performance.

      • Do you know what she sang? Did the crowd like/love her (from what was heard) even though it was during break?

        How was it clear that it was not during the taping. Please answer all questions. I’d really appreciate it.

        You’re a lifesaver, lol!! 🙂

      • When she was up singing, they were moving people around and there was no filming crew out taping at all. I can not recall the song that she sang. It really made it hard for those of us in the audience to enjoy because we could not hear well and so much movement was going on as well.

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