Le’Andria Johnson: Sooner or Later

Over the past few months, I have read and heard various comments made about the Sunday Best Season 3 Grammy Award winner, Le’Andria Johnson.  A lot of the comments being made were very judgemental and hurtful.  I can only imagine what her thoughts may be as she reads them.  Many of you have made statements alluding to her sitting down while she is pregnant and some have just been downright vulgar.

When I first heard about the artist expecting a child out of wedlock, just like most of you, I was a little disappointed.  But I then had to take a look back over my own life.  You see at one point I stood in the same shoes as Le’Andria.  No, my platform was no where close to hers but I was serving the Lord the best way I knew how and ministering through writing.  I had started a Christian Newsletter in my hometown and I knew that was what God wanted me to do.  After 6 months of publishing the monthly newsletter, I became pregnant.  I was overtaken by the guilt and shame of it all.  I didn’t have to be sat down, I ran.   You see it was easier for me to run from God and hide my face than to ask for forgiveness and continue to move forward with the plans that God had for my life.  Just like Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden, it is easier to run and hide than it is to stand.  I ran from the very protection and covering that I had in my life.

Le’Andria could have very well ran and even sat down as some of you suggested, but that’s easy.  But standing tall and admitting one’s faults before man is what is hard.  Her ministry is still touching lives and God is still getting all of the glory through her life.  We have to be careful of the judgement that we put off on people.  We do not know the relationship that she has with the Lord.  The enemy will use the very aspect of your life that causes you to live in shame and fear to keep you from fulfilling the purpose that God has for your life.  But we also know that perfect love cast out all fear.  So when she says, “I am still here” it is not out of arrogance but she is telling the enemy what you tried to destroy me with in the past, won’t work.  I am so thankful that we serve a God of a second chance.  The very ministry that I ran from is the very ministry that He is blessing me in today.  It’s been a little over two years since I decided to start writing again and God has opened so many doors.  Just recently I was featured in the newspaper and then I was asked to become a writer for the paper.

Le’Andria I commend you and I continue to pray for you.  Thank you for continuing to stand because sooner or later God is going to turn it all around.

“Building relationships of accountability and trust with all roads leading to love.” ~RATL


12 comments on “Le’Andria Johnson: Sooner or Later

  1. Ditto on the congrats! I’m moved by this, especially since I’ve recently been compelled to write about our fear of confessing because we may be judged. This is a perfect example!

    Thank you for addressing the hateful comments that far too many people feel it’s okay write online. Thank you for addressing the fact that there is no sin or mistake so great that we can’t recover from it. Thank you so much for talking about how love drives out fear (one of the most empowering ideas ever).


    • Thank you! At any moment we can all be sitting in the seat of judgement and we can’t expect grace and mercy to abound if we haven’t shown it. I wish other mainstream Christian writers would write more positive and cut out the negativity and gossip.

      • By running from people or willing to please them more than The Almighty Elohim, we run into the chance missing the most important direction, not able to enter the small gate. Fear of God and Trusting God shall bring us much further on the right track.

  2. Amazing! I’ve been thinking about this subject a lot lately & I agree with your views on it. Le’Andria did sin, but we all do…her’s just happens to be more visible than ours. I believe that we as the body of Christ should come together in times like this. I was just reading Galatians 6 earlier today & verses 1-5 describes this situation perfectly. Great post, Sis!

    Also, CONGRATULATIONS on the newspaper offer! I’m proud of you! 🙂

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