What’s Next?!?

How to Be Indie

How to Be Indie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love stretching myself, starting new projects, expanding the vision that God has given me and networking. At the start of the year, you witnessed some new additions to my site, via the RN Series and Author Interviews. Your feedback lets me know that the work it took to bring it all together and make it possible was worth it. Well, I am not done stretching myself and yes the vision continues to grow. So what’s next? Oh yeah. Starting in July, rhachellenicol.com will begin coordinating and hosting blog tours for Christian Indie Authors of fiction and nonfiction work. This will give authors the opportunity to get their work out in front of a wider audience and share their message, through guest post and interviews.

As an Indie Author myself, I know the amount of work and time that goes into writing, publishing and marketing and it is my desire to assist you on the journey. I’ve taken my book from paperback, to ebook and lastly t-shirts. There are so many ways to build and share your message. Details will be coming soon as to the packages we will be offering, as well as the opportunity to work with my graphic designer, t-shirt company and more. Those dreams have sat on the shelf long enough, it is time to dust them off and began planting some seeds. We want to be there to help water and watch them grow.

What has kept you from moving forward? We want to know.

“Whatever you do, don’t stop writing.” Rhachelle Nicol’


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