Rewrite Your Story with L.O.V.E.

February’s theme has been about LOVE and today’s Author Interview talks all about it.  Shivawn Mitchell is an Author, Business Owner and Life and Vision Coach.  Her book Rewrite Your Story is available today!

What is L.O.V.E.?
L.O.V.E. stands for living out visions eternally. We started L.O.V.E. with the sole intent to empower women to live the life they are designed and desire to live. I believe so many times we feed ourselves junk and accept junk from other people that we start to believe it more than the positive that is really within us. It is our desire to shine light and help the person believe they can become who they are suppose to. We equip women to have a great relationship with themselves, focus on what they are suppose to be doing in life and then impact the world around them. So many times people go through life instead of growing through life. It is our intent to guide you toward your destiny. We offer life (relationship) coaching as well as the L.O.V.E. academy. We desire to create change agents for the world!When did you develop a passion for writing?

I’ve always had a passion for writing. My mother gave me my first journal as a child and since then it has become my therapy. I couldn’t imagine a day that I didn’t write. If I miss writing in my journal at night now I end up writing pages the next day!Who or what motivated you to write, “Rewrite Your Story”?

My motivation came from myself and always being a sounding board for friends and family. I experienced some hurt and disappointment in my life and I saw myself repeating the same lessons over and over again. Once I decided to stop lying to myself and get over my pity party. I realized it was so many people who were going through the same things I went through. I wanted to be that fresh voice of reason that just didn’t sugar coat my mistake in order to help someone else.Did you find it difficult to write about your story?

Well I tried writing a book a few years back and it just wasn’t from a good place. I was still hurt and hadn’t really dealt with everything and truly forgiven myself and others. But the second time around it was so much easier because it was objective and just the plain truth. Regardless of how I looked to others.What is one of the valuable lessons you learned, that you often share with others?

Stop lying to yourself. People walk around with so many lies and it stops them from growing as a person. No one will ever be perfect so instead of running from your issues deal with them head on so you can live a good life.What did you have to go through to learn it?

I think every mistake I made initially at first I wanted to point the blame at someone else instead of looking at Shivawn to see what role I played in the situation. I realized I was doing myself more harm than good!How do you balance your writing along with being a Life Coach?

Well my degree is in counseling so I’ve had to learn about balance for my total life the hard way. I always want to help people and often put myself on the back burner. But I quickly realized that if I was burned out I couldn’t help others. So I pay attention to when I need to take a break and don’t allow people to make me feel pressure to perform.What is one of the common misconceptions you find that people make surrounding their past, mistakes, flaws, etc.?

Most people believe that they can’t overcome there past they keep looking back. Instead of using your past as a lesson to push you forward. People also tend to compare themselves to others. Not taking in mind what the other person had to overcome too in order to get to where they are.What piece of advice would you give someone who is looking to make a new start?

Always take the time to sit down everyday to see what worked and didn’t. You can never change until you realize what your strength and weakness are. Then develop a plan. You can’t get results with no action. Also as you work your plan you have to remain consistent and don’t think change happens over night. Keep at it and celebrate when you grow and don’t stay stuck on a pity party when you stumble. Stuff happens!!What can we expect from you in the future?

I plan or writing more books and also publishing books for other authors through my publishing company. I also want to work on creating short films, traveling and a lot more public speaking.
In addition I start my Love Me book tour in March!
Any last words?
Don’t just have a vision but live it loud!
Rewrite Your Story is available on 2-28-11 at www.we-r-love and now on kindle at Amazon.
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