Love Is In The Air…

With February being the month of “Love”, I thought it would be perfect to start the month off with an interview with Shon Hyneman.  If you follow him on twitter, you know him as @1DrLove.  He is a Husband, Father, Minister, Author, Radio Show Host and a source of valuable information for those desiring a relationship or those in need of working out their relationship.  He currently has three titles that are available and is working on his fourth.  Find out more about this author below.

From your first title, “If you apply these principles…God is more practical than we think”, what is one principle that impacted or changed your perception the most? It has to be the importance of time management. As I got older I realize that time waits on no one. We can always pick up a check, but once time has passed we can never get it back.

How did you develop such a passion for relationships and marriage? Being birthed of adultery and knowing the hurt of a missing parent. I wouldn’t want any child to witness that kind of hurt, so if my wife and I can help others…When I became Christian, my pastor was passionate about marriage & relationships and I became a sponge and soaked up everything on what the bible had to say about marriage and relationships.

You often share some of your testimony, how would you describe your relationships prior to giving your life to God? Slick. Everything I did had a motive behind it. I only tried to impress others for something in return. People labeled me as a “good guy” because I was able to put a façade in front of others. I knew what I was doing and my motives were all wrong.

How did Never Again Ministries begin and how did you decide on such a powerful name? Never Again Ministries began after I wrote my first book in 2008. God had given me so much material we had to put out in the atmosphere! It began when I was out of work, and I had nothing but time on my hands so my wife and I stepped out in faith and all our needs was met regardless of a limited income.

The name came from us giving spiritual guidance to married couples and when people were fed up and was ready for change they would say “never again” when people are at their breaking point and are ready for change that’s where we come in as a ministry.

Was the ever a moment that you wanted to give up or felt like it was too much?  Yes! Sometimes people put demands on you and want more and more. Sometimes it seems like your best isn’t good enough and that’s when I start to get weary at times.

Who have been some of your constant motivators and encouragers? My wife has always been my biggest encourager. Dr. Myles Munroe, Dr. Mike Murdock and Dr. R.A. Vernon are my motivators.

Describe the support and encouragement that your wife gives? Sometimes life will throw you a curveball and just to know that my wife is consistent with her graceful words of encouragement and eagerness to help me speaks volumes. She does a great job of keeping me accountable also.

Is there a topic that you both have different views on? Not that I can think of. We are two peas in a pod (Laughs)

What can we expect from Never Again Ministries in the future? More speaking engagements, books and special guests on the Doctor of Love Show in 2012.

What is one thing that you would say to a couple that was experiencing some turmoil? That turmoil is not a bad thing, it help you grow. It is only a season and it will come to past. We have to learn how to have a stick and stay mentality during those tough seasons in our life.

What advice would you give to the single men and women?
Be the best YOU God has created you to be. In order to have a successful relationship, be the right person as opposed to being needy. Work on you as opposed to looking for someone to “complete” you. You should be complete when we meet.

Any last words? No. Thank you for the opportunity!

Thank you so much for taking out the time.   I encourage all of my readers, if you are struggling with love or even considering giving up, seek out some counsel.  If you have been through a rough and rocky relationship in the past, make the vow today, “Never Again“.


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  2. I actually liked looking through Love Is In The Air… Rhachelle Nicol' and bookmarked so I could pay a visit to it again later. Great ideas and many of the things you talk about have got me thinking. Cheers.

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