I’m A Survivor

31 days of blogging daily and I survived.  I certainly thought it would be easier than it was but I learned so much from the process. Let’s just say blogging daily is not for me.  LoL but I think I have developed a schedule that will work and still feel as though I am blogging daily.  Definitely will be trying it out to see how it goes.  But more so, I realized that it is okay to experiment and try new things.  This month, I did some Author Interviews, as well as began posting to the RN Series.  And to say the least, they were both successful projects that I will definitely be continuing on with. 

If you were apart of a challenge this month, what did you do differently?  What worked for you?  And will you continue blogging daily?  Whatever you decide to do, I am definitely here to support and hopefully keep you motivated.  Leave you blog link in the comments area and I will be sure to stop by. 

“Building relationships of accountability and trust with all roads leading to love.” RATL


2 comments on “I’m A Survivor

  1. Do you know that you can write many many posts at one day, and then schedule them to get posted once a day? Thats what I am doing, I am almost a month ahead. Feels good, no worries if I get sick or have to leave overseas for a short time. My post will still be posted.

    • Hello Maggie. That is definitely a goal of mine. I typically write whatever is on my heart for the day but I think I really have to plan it out more if I want to keep the daily schedule. February will definitely be the month to start.

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