‘How to Change Your Mindset + Live Your Most Fabulous Life’

So I wanted to make sure that all of my readers were on track for having a fabulous 2012.  My year started off great and it is getting “betterer and betterer” as one of my twitter followers would say.  I have been following the Author that I am featuring today, it seems like, since I first started off on twitter.  She may have not even realized it, but she has truly been a source of inspiration to me.  Now having her very own book in  my possession, I couldn’t ask for more.   I would encourage you all to download this ebook today and start taking the steps to making a brighter tomorrow.  I was able to conduct a brief interview and thanks again Jamie for taking out the time.

When did you first discover that you enjoyed writing?

I was in second grade when I first discovered that I enjoyed writing. I had written a short story and won an award, and after that point, I was hooked. Over the years, the type of writing I wanted to do for a living varied, and at times, I thought about pursuing other things. But the desire to become a writer never left me. I must say that I’m very happy and blessed to be able to do this.

What types of activities were you involved in that helped you develop your passion?

My passion for writing really developed while I was in college. I started out as an English major, and my second semester, I took a women’s studies class, and I began writing for the student newspaper. Taking that class really sparked my interest in women’s issues, and I decided that that’s what I wanted to cover in my writing career after I graduated, and I wanted to start a magazine for women. Ultimately, I created my blog, which blends all of my interests.

You dedicate so much time sharing your passion for writing and being an inspiration to others.  Who would you say has been and continues to be an inspiration to you?

I can’t say that it’s just one person who inspires me. Over the last couple of years, I’ve met so many incredible, talented and fabulous women who are doing great things and who are following their own dreams and finding success in their own ways. These are the people who have inspired me and continue to inspire me to keep moving forward.

In your book, you discuss limiting beliefs and affirmations. How have affirmations impacted your life and career?

Affirmations have really changed my life and career for the better. It has made me become more positive about everything in my life, and having a positive mindset and attitude has helped me achieve my goals. I would say that my affirmations have literally changed my life and continue to do so.

Describe a typical day for “Mocha Writer”.

On a typical day, I spend my mornings working on client work, writing my blog posts for the day and replying to emails. Because my husband works at night, I spend time with him in the afternoon before he leaves. In the evening, I finish up any client work I have and write down my goals for the next day.

How do you balance your writing for clients and you personal writing projects?

Because both are important to me, I know I have to make time for them both, even though it can be difficult at times. I always say that if I can just get something done on my personal writing, then I’ve achieved my goal, whether it’s only for 30 minutes or an hour. So when I’m working on a personal project, I make some time every day to work on it, and I also work on it on weekends.

What can we expect from you in the future? Are you working on any projects now?

‘How to Change Your Mindset + Live Your Most Fabulous Life’ will be in paperback soon, and I’m very excited about that! I’m also working on my next book: ‘The Black Woman’s Guide to Life as a 20-something,’ and it will be released this summer.

 What would you say to someone who is interested in pursuing a career in writing?

I would say hone your craft by writing daily, even if it’s just writing down your thoughts in a journal or in your personal, private blog. The more you write, the better you become at it. Also, stay encouraged and be persistent. The road to becoming a writer is not necessarily a quick or easy one, but if you continue working at it, you will ultimately get where you want to be. Don’t give up!

 What is your definition of fabulous?

I think ‘fabulous’ means living your life on your terms, being the best you that you can be and living your life to it’s fullest! It means going after the things you want, loving yourself and just doing you.

 What is one of your favorite hobbies outside of writing?

I know it’s cliché, but I love to read. I’m also a nail polish fanatic, so I love painting my nails.

Any last words?

I just want to encourage everyone to keep moving towards your dreams and goals. If you maintain a positive attitude and mindset, believe in yourself and your abilities, trust God and do your part, you will get where you want to be! Let nothing hold you back.

You can follow this wonderful author on twitter @mochawriter and visit her online magazine at www.forcoloredgurls.com Download your ebook today.


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