Cast Down but Not Destroyed

So many times we replay our hurts, rehearse our fears and hold on to shame.  We fail to learn the lessons that lie within each failure.  If there was a lesson in every failure, would you still consider it a failure?  I often say, lessoned learned, not I failed.  I mean I have made some BIG mistakes, HUGE.  I beat myself up for them for years.  I also let others hold me back because I had convinced myself that I couldn’t move forward.  However, now I can say I have learned some major lessons and I don’t mind sharing them.


I have found a way to use all my flaws, hang ups and let downs for a greater good.  I am not perfect, but I thank God for sending his only Son to be a perfect savior.  I dressed up my wounds for years.  But when I surrendered them all to God he healed them. And now, “I show my scars so that others know they can heal” ~ Rhachelle Nicol’


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