Shake It Off

We suffer losses in so many aspects of life.  But rarely do we look at our losses as gains.  When we lose our job, we don’t think about the opportunity that we had to gather information and the experience gained.  I am learning that the faster I can shift my perspective and look at my situation or circumstances in a different light, the faster that things begin to come together.  I understand that sometimes we don’t know just what to feel or how to respond.  We become numb, in order to cope with the pain, loss or hurt; we have a hard time drawing connections and making decisions.

Our losses can actually be clues to get us to where we were meant to be.  I have suffered many losses, but the greater my losses, the greater my gain. 

Depression is the 4th stage of the grieving process.  We will all experience depression at one point, but the key is not allowing ourselves to stay in that place. 

“Building relationships of accountability and trust with all roads leading to love.” RATL


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