Failure Ain’t Final – Author Interview

We have all experienced setbacks.  But it is something about hitting a place that all you can do is look up.  From that place, one suddenly realizes that the setbacks were setting you up to be a testiment of God’s faithfulness and bring glory to His name.   Brian Anderson-Payne (BAP) had come to that crossed-road and he talks about it in this interiew.

1.  What inspired you to write Failure Ain’t Final?

 I wrote Failure Ain’t Final because after facing my own failures, I couldn’t find anything to assur me that I wasn’t alone or the only one to ever feel like I felt. Basically, the project started as a journal of my own thoughts.

2.  How long did the entire project take to complete?

Failure Ain’t Final took about 3-6 months, but that was because I wasn’t always consistent with my writing.

3.  Did you ever consider giving up? What kept you motivated/inspired?

Yes, I was often tempted to give up, but giving up would have left no one to tell my story. Knowing that others needed what I had to say kept me motivated.

4.  What “failures” have you faced in life and how did you overcome them?

As somewhat of an ‘official’ in organized religion, marital failures or spiritual breakdowns aren’t really tolerated too well. When a minister has a child out of wedlock, that’s typically the end of the line. One of two things happens. Enough people give up on you that you have no one to inspire or you believe the things they say and simply give up on yourself.  As far as how the failures or at least the perception and feeling of the failures was overcome, I can’t honestly give a formula. For a long while, it was enough to just wake up in the morning and get out of bed. Sometimes, you’ve suffered so badly that you’re not able to quickly jump into ‘fix it’ mode. Sometimes you have to just catch your breath. THEN, when you’ve endured the darkest part, you’re able to start thinking about what needs to be done to right these wrongs.  After a long time, I was able to start telling myself to accept responsibility for my actions, put my big boy pants on and deal with the mess that I had created. As time went on, I became stronger and more determined to put my life back together again.

5.  How would you define success?

Success means different things to each of us. One size doesn’t fit all. For me, success is reaching the goals that the negative voices in my head say can’t be reached. Quite honestly, I’m successful right now! I do what I love doing and what I know I was created to do. However, I wish to do it on a much larger platform & I’d like to be paid quite a bit more money for it! It took me a long time to realize ‘I’m there”! I’m well aware that many of us are often ‘there’, but we simply don’t realize it because we don’t see the things that we’re told success is supposed to look like.  We search for the big four. The car, the house, the job, the spouse. The only problem is that many have chased the car only to get it and find out that there was still a void. That’s because those things are just (for many) the FACE of success.

6.  What words of encouragement would you give to a new writer/author?

Its kind of simple, really. If you’re a new writer, WRITE!

7.  What words of encouragement would you give to someone on the verge of giving up?

Now, I’m kind of raw, so my answers won’t be as politically correct as others! Lol. I say, if you CAN give up, give up.  Go find that thing that you love doing so much that you’re not able to give up!  If writing’s your passion, you can throw your pen away, and burn your paper, but you’ll never quit. You’ll only end up wasting valuable time. I’m a public speaker. I get frustrated and quit every year – right before I start again! If you can quit, quit. Otherwise, wipe your tears & keep it moving.

8.  Who is your favorite author?

Probably John Maxwell.

9.  What was the most recent book you read?

PROSPER by Ethan Willis and Randy Garn.

10.  What is one of you favorite quotes from your book?  

“Failure is the place where God proves you didn’t earn His love anyway!”

11.  Are you working on any current projects?

Yes. The Fialure Ain’t Final Movement is an event that touches troubled youth with practical demonstrations of the principles found in the book.

12.  What can we expect next from T-Bapp Publishing?

There are two more books coming at’cha in 2012, as well as more touring to support the projects.

13.  What keeps you grounded?

I don’t want to be cliché and say my faith in God keeps me grounded because I had faith in God when I experienced my catastrophes! I think it’s God allowing me to discover my true self and the fact the attaining of my goals ultimately lies in my hand and the need to make wise decisions that keeps me grounded.

14.  What is one part of the writing process that you dreaded?

I dread the writing! Lol. I’m much more of a speaker than a writer.

15.  What was one of the first thoughts you had when you first held a copy of your book in your hand? How did you feel?

Failure Ain’t Final is my second book. My first book was “The Music of The Message”. However, both times, I saw the UPS man coming and I forced them to watch me open to box to pull out the book! I can’t articulate the feeling that accompanies seeing your blood, sweat and tears on paper.

16.  When did you realize you wanted to be a writer/author?

I never knew I wanted to be an author. My first book was written because I wanted to explain the biblical background to the songs on my CD. I didn’t want someone else to try to explain what I meant. I knew I was a song writer, but I discovered I was an author. 

17.  What is your favorite hobby?

I’m a learner. I think I could sit and watch people for hours.

To find out more about this Author, The Bapp Project and to get a copy of Failure Ain’t Final…visit,


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