Day 7 – The Sleep Thief

I must say, lately I have been getting more sleep. I don’t know that it is more as for as hours, minutes and seconds but it is more uninterrupted sleep. No waking up for something to drink, to use the restroom or snack, I have actually been sleeping. I think so many have gotten my sleep patterns down to a science, that they are actually amazed when I don’t respond to a text, wall post or tweet. I told myself that I was going to get some rest over the past week and the week to come and I am doing just that. Well I am trying…

This morning, approaching the final hour of sleep before my alarm clock would have sounded throughout the house, my 7 year-old enters my room and says, “mom, is it time to get up?” I wanted to cry, he hadn’t interrupted my sleep in a couple of days, I was starting to appreciate it. I was slowly reminded of how it feels to be robbed of a dream that seemed like it was going to have a good ending. I replied in the calmest voice that I possibly could, “no it is not time, get out of my room”. He seemed more irritated than I was, but he politely left my room. The next hour of sleep was a struggle to get back.

Hmmmmmm, I keep telling myself that the next time I am just going to get up and make a cup of coffee. It’s not like that additional hour makes me feel any better. So in the morning when the “sleep thief” invades my room, I am going to ask him, “do you want a cup of coffee?”


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