Day 4 – Writers Block

Writing daily, I have found is a difficult task. At times it seems as though there is nothing to write about, but in fact, there is plenty. However, I find myself holding back, using discretion or editting my thoughts before I’ve even gathered them on paper. Hence, creating a state of “Writers Block”. I have to allow what’s in my heart and on my mind to flow.


2 comments on “Day 4 – Writers Block

  1. You’re right – it’s all about the heart. I constantly have ideas for writing topics. They drift around out in the ethers and flow through my consciousness constantly, but putting these inspirations into words is often quite difficult. I think “writers block” comes when we try to force the issue. Take a break – there’s a muse out there who will tell you what to write – it doesn’t need to be forced. It’s a state of the heart, not the mind (unless you’re doing mathematical equations). A lot of times someone will simply mention something to me in conversation and I get a stream of inspiration to write about it. Then it comes easily. This has been a bit rambly – hope you don’t mind – good luck.
    . . ./J

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