What is Life and My Experiences Trying To Teach Me?

Source: What is Life and My Experiences Trying To Teach Me?


Activate 2K15 Conference: I Am Building My Empire

Activate 2K15 ConferenceIn just two weeks, I am headed to Atlanta to attend the Activate 2K15 Conference hosted by the Chief Activator, Lucinda Cross. I was heading back from Dallas, TX after attending MegaFest and received an inbox message asking if I could make it to the Conference because a ticket was being gifted to me. Why? I didn’t ask any details because I know what I have been praying for. So my response was YEEEESSSS! I booked my flight and reserved my hotel room and I am headed to Atlanta with great expectations.

The Activate Conference is a 3-day conference that provides attendees with groundbreaking information in the areas of leadership, branding, media, spirituality and leadership. I firmly believe that you have to surround yourself with people that can push you to your next level; people that are where you desire to be. I am ready to Activate!!!!  Visit http://www.activateconference.com/ to check out the amazing line up of speakers and panelists then register!  I hope to see you in Atlanta.

Lucinda Cross is a best-selling author, internationally known speaker, spokesperson and energetic teacher of personal and professional development. In 2006, she started the brand Activate Your Life Today! a leadership services firm that specializes in the delivery of personal and professional development enrichment programs.

[MUST SEE] War Room: Prayer Changes Everything

“To win any battle you have to have the right strategy and resources because victories don’t come by accident.” ~ War Room

War room is a compelling faith drama that explores the power prayer can have on marriages, parenting, careers, friendships and every other area of life.  War Room opened nationwide in theaters on August 28th.

In the film, Tony and Elizabeth Jordan have it all – great jobs, a beautiful daughter and their dream house.  But appearance can be deceiving.  Tony and Elizabeth Jordan’s world is actually crumbling under the strain of a failing marriage.  While Tony basks in his professional success and flirts with temptation, Elizabeth resigns herself to increasing bitterness.  But their lives take an unexpected turn when Elizabeth meets her newest client, Miss Clara, and is challenged to establish a “war room” and a battle plan of prayer for her family.  As Elizabeth tries to fight for her family, Tony’s hidden struggles come to light.  Tony must decide if he will make amends to his family and prove Miss Clara’s wisdom that victories don’t come by accident.

War Room is a must see for everyone.  It will leave you inspired with a fresh outlook on how to address the daily struggles and issues you may be experiencing in your life and/or family.  You will cry, laugh, clap your hands and even murmur a few prayers of your own.  But the impact does not stop there, establish your own “War Room” and develop your own strategy.  As soon as I returned home from seeing War Room, I grabbed a journal and began writing down my own prayer request and scriptures that I can recite.  And everyone needs a Miss Clara.  I’m praying that God sends me a Miss Clara that can impart such Godly wisdom into my life so that I may do the same for another young woman.


War Room, the highly anticipated filth film from Alex and Stephen Kendrick ( Fireproof, Courageous, Facing the Giants, Flywheel) will debut in theaters nationwide on August 28, 2015 from Sony Pictures Entertainment’s TriStar Pictures, distributor of Soul Surfer, Courageous and last summer’s faith-based sensation Heaven is For Real.


Tina Campbell: Gets Personal As She Discusses Her New Album It’s Personal On Gospel Central

An Evening With Tina Campbell

Tina Campbell talks with Gospel Central about her newly released album It’s Personal, book I Need A Day To Pray and An Evening With Tina Campbell Tour.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of traveling down to Southern California to experience An Evening With Tina Campbell. I was excited to have made the trip and not only be a part of the audience but also as a special guest of Tina’s.  If you have purchased the album It’s Personal then you know how powerful each song is and the message/prayers behind them. I have played this album over and over again. I go to sleep with it playing low on repeat. Yes it’s just that personal!

The evening was amazing!!! I sat on the 3rd row proudly showing my scars. It didn’t take Tina long to spot me in the audience.  I was initially in total media mode, I was ready to snap pictures and update social media minute by minute.  But prior to Tina coming out, Goo Goo Atkins, our host, came out and gave some house rules. Above all, Tina just wanted her audience to sit back and be ministered to, the purpose for the evening, ministry not entertainment.

I can go on and on. Each performance had me on my feet, clapping my hands and stretching my arms out to God; a total praise and worship experience.

Join me tomorrow at 6:30pm EST as I co-host alongside Michael Stewart on Gospel Central Radio and our special guest Tina Campbell. Order your copy of It’s Personal today!

Tina Campbell and Rhachelle Nicol’

Teddy Campbell and Rhachelle Nicol’

Mama Atkins and Rhachelle Nicol’

Erica Campbell and Rhachelle Nicol’

Rhachelle Nicol’ and Goo Goo Atkins

Tina Campbell jokes with Rhachelle Nicol’

Rhachelle Nicol’ presents Tina Campbell with the official God Sings Through Me shirt

Tina Campbell signing book

How To Turn A Simple Task Into A Memorable Moment

Its the start of your three day weekend so why not make homemade pizzas with your family.  My children and I love homemade turkey pepperoni and cheese pizza and also chicken, pesto and cheese pizza.

boboli pizza crust

My son and daughter accompanied me to the store to pick up the ingredients.  We like to use Boboli pizza crust, mozzarella cheese and a cheddar blend, Buitoni Pesto with Basil, Hormel Turkey Pepperoni and Foster Farms Chicken Breast strips.  When we arrived back home, we spread everything out on the counter, turned the oven on and began to prepare our homemade pizzas.

Marinara sauce is included when you purchase the pizza crust.  For the turkey pepperoni pizza, my children and I spread the marinara sauce on, then sprinkle a layer of mozzarella cheese and then a layer of cheddar.  Lastly, we place about 8 – 10 pepperoni slices on top of the cheese. Then place it right in the oven.

For the chicken, pesto and cheese pizza, we prepare it similar to the other.  We spread a layer of pesto sauce directly on the crust, not holding back on the pesto sauce.  Then of course we pile on the cheese and cut up the chicken breast in 1/2 in. size pieces.  Sometimes we even throw some klamato olives on top.

The pizzas were a total hit. They were delicious and it was a team effort.  How have you kicked off your 3 day weekend?

“Frankie & Neffe”: Talk About Their New Season Premiering June 3rd

Frankie & Neffe

“FRANKIE & NEFFE” picks up where “KESHIA COLE: ALL IN” left off, as viewers will get a deeper glimpse into the complex lives of Keyshia’s mother, Frankie, and 2 sisters, Neffe and Elite. While Neffe and Elite are determined to launch successful careers, they continue to struggle with Frankie, as her instability is a constant source of friction with her daughters. the family ties are inescapable, but Frankie, Neffe and Elite are also three individual women at different stages of life. Whether they enter laughing or come out swinging, these funny, raw, unforgettable women fascinate us and keep us rooting for their success.”

Join me this Monday, June 1st @ 8pm EST as I host an exclusive virtual press conference with the stars of BET’s “Frankie & Neffe” show for bloggers only. You could be one of those bloggers to join this mother-daughter duo on the line and have your questions answered as well as those of your faithful readers. If you are interested in participating, send an email to rn @ rhachellenicol (dot) com and include the following information:

1) Name
2) Name of your blog and a link
3) Top 3 questions you would like to ask Frankie and Neffe
*A recap of this virtual press conference should be on your site no later than Wed., June 3rd. If you are not serious about completing the recap on your site please do not respond. This virtual conference is for those who are serious about sharing the answers to their questions with their readers. Your article will be shared on multiple social media platforms for others readers to read. YOU MUST BE A BLOGGER AND HAVE A SITE.

The Life You Want: Oprah I Had An Aha Moment

Rhachelle Nicol' and Curly Lox

If you recall, last year I had the opportunity to attend Oprah Winfrey’s The Life You Want Weekend in San Jose, CA as press. Over the course of that weekend, the attendees were challenged to find one thing that they could do daily for the next year in order to live the life they want. I thought I would tackle this challenge by intentionally waking up each day and doing something that would push me closer to my goal; sending an email, returning a call, etc. But I soon realized that my efforts were not focused enough on one area/thing in my life that I wanted to change. I was seeing results but some days I was putting forth less effort and just going through the motions.

But I soon realized that even though I wasn’t clear on my approach I was still being guided in the right direction. Last year, I made up in my mind that I was relocating back to California. I planned to live with my sister for at least a year, work, save money and build my business. Well on a larger scale that was/is my one thing that I am doing daily. Daily I am making an effort to blend 3 families (a friend of mine accepted the challenge). We are three single mothers choosing to create our own village, support each others visions and build our businesses, together. Can you imagine 3 women ages 36-40 under one roof, raising a total of 8 children? It can get crazy at times but we always remember our “why?”

We attend church together, prepare meals together and we push one another to go after our dreams. “I am not my sister’s keeper. I am my sister.” My season of the “Ruth and Naomi” relationship. I am surrounded by those that not only give me a list of things I “should” do but take it further and say come with me and I will show. “And Ruth said, Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God:” Ruth 1:16

I am so excited about this season of my life! And I can’t wait to share more with you about the challenges and victories of blending 3 families and building 3 businesses.

“I show my scars so that others know they can heal.” Someone needs to see your scars!

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